Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mom to Mom buddies

The kids and I have been blessed to attend the Mom to Mom group at our church on Wednesday mornings.  I actually am helping watch the kids while the other moms meet.  This year I requested Aidan's class mainly because he is going off to Kindergarten next year and every time I think about this I burst into tears.  All my kids love going to Mom to Mom.  Last week I captured this pic during our rec time in the gym.  We are blessed to have friends from church that we get to fellowship with 3 to 4 times a week.  Looking forward to watching these little men grow closer together.


Mr. Busy Body

Noah continues to keep us on our toes!  I have nicknamed him my bi-polar baby.  He is either super happy and always smiling or throwing a temper tantrum.  He needs to constantly be entertained..  Taking him to a playdate is difficult because he is into everything he shouldn't be.  So basically he is a normal toddler :-)  


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aidan turns 5!

My oldest baby turned 5 on New Years Eve!!!  Can't believe he will be starting Kindergarden next year.  We started the morning with donuts then opened his presents!  In the afternoon he got to go to the store to spend his bday money from Nana and Papa.  He bought 2 nerf guns that he has had his eye on. Finally, we went and picked up one of his best buds Jake for a sleepover.  They had a great time having nerf wars and pigging out on pizza and bday cake.  The next day he told us it was his favorite bday yet so I would say it was a success!