Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mother/Daughter Date

Ryla and I got some quality time last Sunday.  Cliff and I just got a new bed and I needed to pick out some bedding.  When I told her what we were doing she was so excited.  She picked out her "special" shoes and her favorite purse.  She was so sweet with me going through the aisles and as patient as can be.  She even picked out the decorative pillow for the bedding!  We went out to eat afterwards and she was just tickled that it was just me and her.  


Lake Travis

A week and a half ago we packed up the kiddos and headed to Lake Travis for some beach time.  Our good friends the Claytons went with us.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Kason and Aidan loved playing with the new water guns I goth them and Noah and Ryla were satisfied eating the snacks and going back and forth to the water.  It took Ryla about a half hour to warm up to the idea of being there. We finally figured out that she was scared she was going to blow away.  Once we talked that through it was all smiles.  Noah roamed around a lot and and had to be reined in a lot which was followed by several temper tantrums but it was still fun.  We look forward to heading down to the coast and enjoying a real beach soon.



Aidan finished his second year of t-ball a week ago.  He did great!  Cliff took on the head coaching job again and he really enjoyed his time with Aidan.  Aidan also learned a lot more this year just being a year older.  I have caught him a couple of times telling his friends how to appropriately place your bat and how to field balls.  Super cute!  Next up….swimming lessons.


Washing up for dinner?

This is how I found Ryla ten minutes after I told her to go wash up for dinner.  Took a quick pic and to timeout she went.


My children cannot get enough of playing in the mud.  Not my favorite thing in the entire world but it brings them so much joy.  One of the funniest things is that they don't like to throw it at one another but like to give each other mud baths.  Here they are trying to give each other optimal coating in an assembly line.  


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I woke to three screeching children cuddling on me and tell me it was my day.  They each made me some adorable handmade cards.  We went out to eat after church and then headed home for naps.  All three decided it wasn't a good nap day so Cliff told me we could do whatever I wanted.  We had just gotten our YMCA family pass the day before so I told him I wanted all of us to go swimming.  We had a great time!  After we got home we binged on popcorn and watched a movie and I got about 2 hours of reading in on my most recent book.  
So lucky to call these beauties mine.  What a gift God has given me to be their mother.  

Aidan's Mother's Day Card.


Preschool Program and festivities

Aidan and Ryla have officially ended another year of preschool.  They had their spring program and end of the year parties.  Here is a pic of them looking very stylish for their program

Aidan received the "Best Ninja with a big heart award" on his last day!  His teachers know him very well!!!

Rylas class had a ton of yummy food and got to try on mustaches and put them on pics of their teachers to.

At the program Aidan was a duck!  Neither he nor Ryla were very attentive on stage this year which made it very amusing to watch.

Aidan's class doing their funny faces.

Ryla was an adorable little bunny!

A pic of Aidan with his best friend Kason.  They look like little men!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Zilker Park

We took the kiddos to Zilker Park Last weekend.  They have a 20 minute train ride for kids and some beautiful springs.  The kids LOVED it and have already asked to go back.  It's been fun to explore our city a little more now that the kids are older.  It also makes me not as anxious for the Summer to come!  We are ready!