Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our visit with the Rowedders

Last week my best friend Ryla and her two boys Judson and Lawson came to visit.  They drove all the way from Iowa!!!  It was 13 hours one way for her and she drove by herself!!!  She stayed the night in Wichita with some friends both ways so that was very nice for her.  We had the most AMAZING time!  I haven't seen her in 3 years which meant I hadn't met Lawson and she hadn't met my Ryla or Noah!!  Out kids loved each other and it was like having a week long play date!  Ryla and I were able to catch up and it felt like old times.  Of course we are mommies now and couldn't stay up to all hours like we used to in college!!  Ryla was such a trooper doing the trip all by herself.  Her kids didn't sleep the greatest because Lawson was teething and Judson wanted to get up early every morning to play, so she ran on very little sleep!  We tried to do something fun every day for the kiddos.  On sunday we went to church and our neighborhood park.  Monday and Tuesday I took them to a couple of different parks around the Austin area and then on Wednesday we went to the dollar theatre!  Thursday we crashed at the house but that was great to.  Between the two of us we grabbed A LOT of pics.  I hated to see her go!!!!!!  It will be our turn to make the trip up to Iowa in a couple of years but I am already looking forward to it!


Big Girl Bed

We transitioned Ryla into her big girl bed about 3 weeks ago.  She did GREAT!  We were scared that she wouldn't stay in it which sometimes she doesn't.  We have found that you just have to remember to close her door since she can't open it.  When she is ready to get up she comes and knocks on the door.  Every once and a while I will check on her and she is down playing but for the most part she will stay in her bed and take her nap.  There has also been a couple of occasions when she will get out of bed in the middle of the night and come to our room.  Once she just stood beside my side of the bed until I woke up.  She doesn't say anything just stands there.  And two other times she has come in the middle of the night and stood in the middle of the room without saying anything.  Cliff was coming out of the bathroom and ran into her on his way across the room and didn't even know she was there cause it was pitch black in the room.  The other time I woke up and saw a 2 foot silhouette in the middle of the room and it scared the CRAP out of me.  Luckily you just tell her its time to be sleeping Ryla and put her back in her bed.  I am almost done with her room and then I will post pics.  Just need to get some new curtains and decorative things. 

Aidan's first T Ball practice!!

Aidan had his first sports practice yesterday.  We decided to put him in T Ball since he loves to play catch and bat in our backyard.  Cliff was very excited.  He signed up to coach and was thrilled when they told him that he could.  He did such a wonderful job to.  I was a little scared for him at first because he had ten 3 and 4 year olds on his own but a couple of the dads pitched in to help which made it easier for him.  He started with an exercise so the kids could learn everyones names.  Then he started with teaching them the bases.  The final half hour everyone got to "bat."  Me and the younger two came along with a picnic supper and had a blast watching!  They have one more practice and then their first game a week from Saturday!


Noah on the edge of his seat in anticipation!!!

Learning everyone's names.

Couldn't get a great shot since he is a lefty!

All the parents and their cameras...LOL

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just how I like it!

Life has continued to be pretty laid back lately which is JUST HOW I LIKE IT!  We still have the stress of not knowing what is going on with Ryla but we are waiting patiently, or at least trying.  Here is our week!!!
My gorgeous bouquet from Aidan!