Friday, March 27, 2009

Signing Off

Well I knew it would come to this with the way I was going.... I have decided to take a technology fast if you will. It is pretty sad when you can't go to bed at night without checking to see if someone has commented on your blog or facebook. Just think I need a priority check...I will still have my phone of course and will occasionally check my email. See ya in a couple of months.


Monday, March 16, 2009

My 27th Birthday Party!!!

For my birthday this year, my friend Katie and I decided to celebrate it together. We gathered up our friends and headed out to Red Robin and then to a late night showing of Slumdog Millionaire. We had a great time!!! It was also Aidan's first time to be left with a babysitter that wasn't family. I was a little nervous but it all went great. Here are some pics of the night!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bath Time!!

I think watching Xander get a bath is so precious and I say watch him get a bath because that is typically son/daddy time. For the first month we were giving him sponge baths but now that we can actually put him in the tub, he is just so darn cute. Here are some pics of one of his lasts baths along with a video. He usually does not make a sound during bath time but we caught him on a bad day. LOL Enjoy!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Month Checkup

So I know I'm a little late at posting this but better late than never right? On Tuesday the 3rd Cliff and I took Aidan, or Xander as we have been calling him in the last 2 weeks, for his 2 month checkup. The doctor told us we have a very healthy baby boy. He now weighs 12.4 lbs and is 23 inches long. This puts him in the 50th percentile. So this means that since he was born he has gained almost 4 and a half pounds and has grown 3 and a half inches. What a stud!!! He also got 3 shots at this appointment. Cliff and I were shocked at how well he did with the shots. He obviously screamed when he was poke but as soon as it was done, he stopped crying. In fact, I think I cried more than he did

Some other small things he is able to do now at 2 months is lift his head, when he is on his stomach, to a 45 degree angle, smile at our smiles, focus on objects and follow them with his eyes, and roll over with very minimal help.

Cliff and I feel so blessed to have little Xander in our lives. He brings us more joy than we ever could have dreamed. Cliff and I find ourselves holding him together each night just talking about how great we have it and how we can't wait for all the wonderful memories he will bring to our family in the future. Here are a few pics of him this week as he turned 2 months. Enjoy!!!!