Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prayer Request

Cliff's grandmother Moore passed away on Monday. Cliff flew out this morning for Missouri to be with his family. Please pray for Cliff and their family. The funeral is on Thursday which Cliff will be performing.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


One of my favorite things to do in decorating my home is picking out new bedding. I just get so excited about it for some reason. This is why having two new rooms to do in the next few months has got me all giddy. I'm getting very anxious for our basement to be done in the next few weeks so that we can move our guest bedroom downstairs, which turns into Aidan's big boy room, which gives me another nursery to decorate. I was going to leave the nursery the same but who am I kidding :) Here are pics of Aidan's new big boy bedding and our little girl's nursery bedding. I have had Aidan's for a long time but just got the nursery bedding in this week!!! We are going with a baseball theme for Aidan's room. Aidan got the cutest little Cardinals rocking chair from his Grandpa for his birthday so we decided to do his whole room around it! Baby girl's room is going to be painted two shades of pink with accents in the lime green. YAH for decorating!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Couldn't Wait....LOL

It's A GIRL!!!!!!!

Well I made it longer that I thought....3 Weeks. But Cliff and I have decided it will be a lot easier just to tell everyone because it was getting more annoying to try and hold it in than it was fun for us.... We are very excited about having a little girl (and nervous) and know that it will be so fun to have one of each gender! Our sonogram showed that she is very healthy and that we are still on track for November 14th!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are Having a......

So Cliff and I went to my 17 week check up today. Baby seems to be doing very well which of course is always good to hear. After my doctor finished listening to the heartbeat I pointed to the sonogram machine beside me and said "I don't suppose you could use that really quick to tell us what the gender of the baby is?" I chuckled because I felt I was making a joke (we had just scheduled our sonogram appointment with him). He looked over and said "Sure." I was in shock but also knew that there was a good chance that it was too early to tell.

After he told us the gender he said that the next sonogram technician would tell us for certain but that was what he saw. I asked him how certain and he said 80%. So we are for sure going to not count on it until our sonogram appointment but we are pretty sure what we are having and I can say we are VERY excited.

Now for the bad news (at least for some). Cliff and I have decided to keep the gender and name of our baby a surprise until the birth. I know this will drive some people nuts but we feel the pregnancy will be more special for us this way. I will let everyone know in 2 weeks from today how the sonogram turned out. We are hoping for another healthy report but also confirmation on the gender.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

17 weeks

Well I have definitely started showing a lot more in the last 4 weeks. This is a pic at 17 weeks. We have our next appointment on Tuesday which is also when they will schedule the sonogram for the following week!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smooched Nose Aidan

Well I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Cliff and I have been so busy. For a quick update, Cliff is back in school fulltime and is also working to finish our basement. He just got his grade back from his first research paper that included a note from his proff. that said it was the best in the class!!! So proud. The basement is going along well but I think it has become very overwhelming for Cliff. Poor guy has had no time to himself in weeks. He finished up almost all the framing and electrical work and next will be drywall, carpet, and paint. We are estimating about another 3-4 weeks worth of work being that he only has time to work on it on his day off (and that is if he is caught up on his homework). So keep my hubby in your prayers.
I am still nannying fulltime and seeing a few clients a week. Last week I put my notice in to the family I work for. I have decided to work through the summer and start staying at home when the kids start school which will be the first week of September. Cliff and I feel very blessed that God has put us in a place financially where this is possible. My dream job has always been to stay at home with my kids and keep the house and try out new recipes :) It will also be nice to have a few months with just Aidan before our new little one comes along.
I will try to start taking some more pics of Aidan. Here is a quick photo I took where I nanny. Aidan just loves going over there. He always knows the part of the day when Mitzi comes home. He will go and climb on the stool and lean up against the window waiting for her arrival. It's pretty cute.