Friday, October 28, 2011

Picture Catch Up

Here are some pics of the last week or so.

Helping daddy work on Ryla's Birthday present.

Little guy hardly gets a quiet bath to himself anymore. Ryla is always there to play with the water as well.

Trying to get as much outside time as possible before winter hits!

Bedtime with our little guy is still one of Cliff and I'l favorite parts of the day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pregnant Actress Needed

So on Tuesday night I was browsing craigslist and saw and add that was titled...."Pregnant Actress Needed." When I opened up the add it said...

A national company is producing a series of educational videos pertaining to Maternal Newborn Care. We are looking for someone who fits the role of a 23-27 week pregnant patient. Acting experience is preferred but not required. You must be available for at least three consecutive days of video shoots. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you.

I have been working REALLY hard at getting my private practice off the ground but as it is still not where I am wanting or needing it to be, I have been trying to find something that would give us some extra money for our next trip home and pre school tuition which is due, believe it or not, in a couple of months. Anyway when I read this I thought...."Why not, I will respond." The next morning (yesterday) I received a call from the production company asking if I would like to come in and audition for the part. Upon further conversation, she told me that they were making a video educational series for nursing students. She asked me if I would be available November 7th-11th. I was disappointed because I told her I would be out of town until the 7th but was available the other days. She that would not be a problem. She then told me that I would need to memorize a script that she was going to send me and come into Coeur d'Alene the following morning to read for the part. I was hesitant because if I got it, this would start the day after I returned from Mexico and there was some traveling involved. However, she then told me I would get paid $30 an hour and Cliff and I had heard enough. We were going to make it work if I were to get the role....... She sent me the script last night and it was very basic and not long at all. The only thing I was worried about was playing a character who had something wrong with her baby. Not something I really wanted to think about.

Cliff rearranged his schedule so that I could drive to Idaho this afternoon. I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if I was the only one auditioning or if there were several others or even what the audition was going to be like. When I got there I realized I had a time slot reserved just for me and the casting director. They put me on a green stage with a little set and a production assistant was there to read lines with me. She then asked me to do the scenes I had memorized. While I did this, she took notes and watched me through a screen from the back. After the two short scenes I had rehearsed she told me she had a curve ball for me. She gave me two scenes I had not seen before and told me that she wanted me to read them quickly and memorize them as fast as I could. They were a lot harder to memorize than the other two and more difficult to portray as well. One of them was basically me yelling at the "nurse" to tell me what was going on with my baby. When I was done, she asked me about my acting experience. I told her I had no film experience but had done several live theatre productions in high school and college. She then told me that she could tell and she thought I was a very good actress. I had not been that flattered in a very long time. She then offered me the part!!! I was pretty excited.

She then went on to describe what the three days would be like during shooting. She said I would be filming 15-20 scenes a day and that a lot of the script I would not get until that day because they production company was still working on it and that was why she needed to know if I could memorize quickly but still perform it well. I told her I thought that would be fine. She then said.....I hope you don't mind but we are actually going to be filming in Spokane. I told her this was great because that was where I was from. She then said it would be at an actual hospital....Holy Family. I started to laugh and told her this hospital was two blocks from my house and was actually where I was going to be delivering. She thought this was very funny. She told me that I would probably know all of the nurses by a first name basis by the time we were done.

So anyway. I shoot November 8th, 9th, and 10th. On Tuesday and Wednesday it will be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Thursday it will be from 7 p.m to 2 a.m. That one will be a challenge. I'm excited. I think it will be fun and after doing the math....Cliff and I realized that the pay will cover the three plane tickets we need to buy for our trip home in early summer (Ryla and Noah will fly for free). I have been praying that God would open doors for me to provide for my family and this was certainly a fun door to be opened. I will let you know how it goes.....and if they let me I will take some pictures. Oh and worries.....only my belly will be exposed for a couple of scenes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ryla 11 Months!

I can hardly believe that my little girl will be turning 1 in just a little over a month!! We took her for her check up last week. She is 16 pounds 10 ounces which puts her in the 10th percentile. She is 28 inches long in the 40th percentile. She got the first of two flu shots which gave her a fever. But after 24 hours she was doing great. She had her two front tree poke through this week giving her a grand total of 4 teeth. Cliff and I never have any idea what to expect on her sleeping at night. The last three nights we have put her down around 7:30 and she will get up 2 to 3 times before 11 and then sleep 8 straight hours and get up at 7.

We have our family photos for our Christmas Card scheduled next week. This will also be her one year shots. Cliff and I started this weekend working on her bday present. I think it is going to turn out super cute! I also have her tutu all ready for her bday party with her friend Lilly. If I could only get her to keep hair doodles on her head.....Oh well.....Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

23 Weeks

Here are the pics I promised. I feel that I am getting the biggest with this pregnancy which I hear is normal, but still depressing none the less. Oh well.....what are you going to do. My weight has been on track so that is good. I forgot to mention in my last post that Noah is a very strong baby. I started feeling him a lot sooner than the other two and Cliff was also able to feel him a lot sooner. He kept me up last night from 3-5 because he wanted to practice his gymnastics. At least he is starting his skill early. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Bluff!

Last weekend we traveled to Green Bluff to pick out pumpkins. We had a lot of fun. We did a hay ride which was so much fun, especially for Ryla!! She thought it was so fun to go over all the bumps. Aidan also got to have a pony ride which he loved. We let Aidan pick out his own pumpkin and he chose a pretty small one. When we got home I took him out to the porch to show him where to put his pumpkin but he didn't like this idea at all. He was scared that someone would take it. So he brought it inside and said he wanted to put it on the fireplace mantel where I had some fall decorations set up. Every once and awhile he will ask me to get it down so that he can hold it. I hope he likes pumpkin carving. We will see.... I tried very hard to get a cute pic of the kids together with the pumpkins but Aidan just was not having it.....I posted some for you to see anyway.

Baby Noah!

I was looking back at the blog and realized I haven't blogged about our little boy to be in a really long time. I am 23 weeks tomorrow and VERY big......I will post a pic soon.....well.....maybe....LOL. Our doctor told us it was a boy at 16 weeks and our sonogram at 18 weeks confirmed this. It was really cute to bring the kids with us to the sonogram appointment. They were very well behaved for that hour. When Noah first was on the screen we said to Aidan.."Look it's baby Noah." He looked at the screen and said "Baby Noah is swimming! I hope there aren't any sharks there with him." So cute how a 2 year old thinks. When I was pregnant with Ryla, he didn't quite understand what was going on but he seems to now. When we ask him where baby Noah is he will come pat my belly. He also asks if he can see him sometimes and this just means he wants to see my belly. Of course Ryla does not know but I think the hard part with her is that when I look and interact with her, I still think of her as my baby.....because she is is. She is still so little it is hard to think that there is another baby growing inside of me when my little girl just learned to crawl.

The sonogram confirmed our due date of Feb. 7th. I think this is the first baby that Cliff and I are hoping is on time or a little late. We have a lot going on in the months of November and December so it would be nice to have January off. We also were a little stressed because we have our annual Youth Rally the first week of February. We were trying to figure out what to do as this is a very important event for our youth, church and for Cliff. The other months surrounding this time were already taken by other churches so we couldn't switch dates. Anyway, my parents were going to come at some point and I asked them if they could come the third week of February so that they could help me with the kiddos while Cliff worked the rally that week and they said that would work for them. So that is a huge relief for us!!!

Other than that I have another checkup in a couple of weeks and then I am off to Mexico for a girl's trip Nov. 3rd. Got it all cleared with the doc but still hoping that we don't have anything go wrong while I'm there. We have a doctor's appointment for Ryla tomorrow so I will let you know her stats!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Potty Training!!

We tried potty training back in May before I started nannying but it was extremely unsuccessful. I knew that I had to start again after we got back from our vacation but was sooooo not looking forward to it. Everyone has always told me to wait until he is ready. So I was hoping that he would finally be ready. With that being said, Aidan was READY for sure. He was potty trained in a day and a half!!!!!!! The first day was rough but by the beginning of the second day it started going great. We used cookies as a reward and had to stop that after the third day because he was getting so many cookies. Now he just gets a cookie for going number 2 in the pot which he successfully did for the first time last night! He is even having dry diapers over nap and overnight with his diaper but we are going to wait to transition him to to his undies for sleeping. We also were successful for the first time in public yesterday at church. We had a pull up on him but he stayed dry and went to the potty twice at church. So I think we are going to try undies for going out as well! Such a relief, I can only hope that my other two will be this easy.