Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Noah!

I was looking back at the blog and realized I haven't blogged about our little boy to be in a really long time. I am 23 weeks tomorrow and VERY big......I will post a pic soon.....well.....maybe....LOL. Our doctor told us it was a boy at 16 weeks and our sonogram at 18 weeks confirmed this. It was really cute to bring the kids with us to the sonogram appointment. They were very well behaved for that hour. When Noah first was on the screen we said to Aidan.."Look it's baby Noah." He looked at the screen and said "Baby Noah is swimming! I hope there aren't any sharks there with him." So cute how a 2 year old thinks. When I was pregnant with Ryla, he didn't quite understand what was going on but he seems to now. When we ask him where baby Noah is he will come pat my belly. He also asks if he can see him sometimes and this just means he wants to see my belly. Of course Ryla does not know but I think the hard part with her is that when I look and interact with her, I still think of her as my baby.....because she is is. She is still so little it is hard to think that there is another baby growing inside of me when my little girl just learned to crawl.

The sonogram confirmed our due date of Feb. 7th. I think this is the first baby that Cliff and I are hoping is on time or a little late. We have a lot going on in the months of November and December so it would be nice to have January off. We also were a little stressed because we have our annual Youth Rally the first week of February. We were trying to figure out what to do as this is a very important event for our youth, church and for Cliff. The other months surrounding this time were already taken by other churches so we couldn't switch dates. Anyway, my parents were going to come at some point and I asked them if they could come the third week of February so that they could help me with the kiddos while Cliff worked the rally that week and they said that would work for them. So that is a huge relief for us!!!

Other than that I have another checkup in a couple of weeks and then I am off to Mexico for a girl's trip Nov. 3rd. Got it all cleared with the doc but still hoping that we don't have anything go wrong while I'm there. We have a doctor's appointment for Ryla tomorrow so I will let you know her stats!!

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Ryla said...

I am glad that things are going well!! I am sure it is so crazy to know that even though Ryla is not even a year old she is not really the baby anymore. She and Aidan will be great big siblings!! Aidan's comment about Noah is so cute!! Trip in November? How much fun!! So excited for you!!