Thursday, July 31, 2014

My twinkles

I love watching their relationship grow.  They have pretty much become unseprable.  I'm loving every second of it!! 


Splash Park Fun


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Aidan and the Titanic

Aidan and I have been working our way through the Magic Tree House Series for a few months now.  A few weeks ago we finished "Tonight on the Titanic."  Now, there have been several of these books that he has really enjoyed but for some reason he was just SOOOOOO obsessed with this one.  He literally would not stop talking about it.  He was constantly asking us to took up pictures for him on the internet and wanting to know every little detail he could about the Titanic.  After a couple of days of this I took him down to our library and got a couple of books on the "unsinkable ship."

His new obsession became telling everyone who would listen about the Titanic.  He would carry his book around with him everywhere.  He had two separate sleepovers with his friends Jake and Kason and I think they got their fill on Titanic facts.  When we went on vacation he insisted on bringing the books along so that he could share his new knowledge.  Aunt Kelly and Grandpa each sat with him to hear what he knew.  After he was done telling Grandpa, Cliff's dad told us that there was a Titanic museum in Branson and that we might consider taking him!  UMMM, consider??????  How awesome for my little man!! 

We didn't tell him until right before.  We pulled up to the museum which was in the design of the Ship. Pretty much the best thing ever for him!

 They gave us each devices that hung around our necks that talked about each of the exhibits and had special youth ones!

Here is Aidan getting to feel what the iceberg was like!

They had around 20 of these little quiz points for kids!  Aidan got all but 2 right!

He got to see an actual size cabin!  They were so tiny!

A mock of the staircase.  It was actually 5 times this size!

This was pretty neat.  There were several people placed throughout the museum who were dressed like the Titanic crew.  They all had accents and spoke about the ship.  This lady was sharing with my kids about the musicians on board.

They had a room that was built like the deck of the ship and it was FREEZING.  They had the stars out which made it seem really realistic.  

They had three different decks you could climb on that were all at different degrees of the ship going down.  The last one, 2 minutes before the ship went down, they had to use the rails because it was so steep.

He got to sit on what the lifeboats would have been like.  He practiced his rowing for about 5 minutes at that stop :-)

This stop was really neat to.  You got to stick your hand in the water and feel how cold the water was for the passengers the fell in.  They had a timer where you could see if you could get up to 3 minutes.

 We did this stop after being on the boat so they were so worn out but learned so much and had a ton of fun!!


4th of July

Our last and final stop was at my brothers for the 4th of July.  It was only for a day and a half but pacted full of fun.  We make two trips to the pool and Aidan spent more time flying in the air then in the water. 

We grabbed some photos of the kids the morning of the 4th.  They did pretty good considering that none of them were interested in pictures.  My mom made ADORABLE matching dresses for the two girl!

Our last final event was of course fireworks!  I think my kids have more fun with the time leading up to the fireworks!  Lots of quality time with cousins!

Saying our goodbyes to Uncle D!

And of course Nana and Papa!

This one needs no explanation…..CUTENESS