Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Xmas in Texas

We had a great Christmas this year!  We spent it at home with just the five of us and it was very relaxing.  It has been fun to start some new traditions with the kids since they are getting older.  I started them doing cotton ball Santas this year.  I remembered doing this when I was little and they really enjoyed it to.  We went and looked at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and they LOVE that.  We, of course, made cookies for Santa, watched their Xmas movies from Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas.  Last week Aidan wanted to write his letter to Santa.  In the letter he wanted me to write that he really wanted a train set with a a big bridge and a turn table for the trains.  We told him that the letter was being sent pretty late so he might not get it but we would go ahead and send it.  Cliff and I decided to make a scavenger hunt for them to find the train table.  My parents had already purchased it for them and Cliff has been assembling it all month...LOL.  After he got his smaller presents under the tree he looked up at us with a pitiful face and said "No train table for me."  It broke my heart until I remembered the big surprise.  I made a video.  It is pretty long but so glad I was able to capture it.  They played with they table all day and even this morning, the day after xmas, Aidan played with it for 3 straight hours!!  So fun!!  Grandpa Mullen is driving in tomorrow so the holidays are still going for us!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Family photos 2012

We had our family photos taken back in Mid November.  The kids did great and I was able to get something I have wanted for months now....An adorable photo of all my kids together!!!  Here are a few!