Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Another Day

So the frequency of our posts has slowed quite a bit. That's mostly due to lack of free time. Fortunately, we are nearing the end of this crazy house hunt. The little man has been quite studdly lately. In the last week he's rolled over from his back to his stomach, "crawled" across half the living room, and had his first mohawk. Not a bad week. He's also slept through the night the last two nights. We had forgotten how nice it was to sleep for longer than two hours at a time. So, here are a few pictures, hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Loved and Cared For"

Well we had our inspection this morning and in passed with flying colors!!! The inspector even said "This house sure has been loved and cared for." Ahh, how cheesy but so nice to hear. I took a video of the house if you are interested. We move in July 10th!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third try is a charm?

Well Cliff and I put an offer on a third house on Wednesday and after a few counters on either side, we finally came to terms this morning. We hope to move in the first week of July. We are trying not to get our hopes up though because this will be the third house where the buyer has accepted our offer and it hasn't gone through. Hopefully that won't be the case this time. I will put more pics up later to. All the bedrooms on the main floor look the same so I just have the one here. There is also a basement but I was too lazy to go down and take pics of it. Cliff and I hope to finish out the family room and 4th bedroom next spring.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well I can hardly believe our little guy is 5 months old already. The time has really gone by so fast. One of Cliff and I's favorite things about Aidan right now is to listen to him giggle. He has been giggling since he was about 3 months but lately if you make him really happy, he will giggle for a really long time and it is just adorable. In this particular video, Uncle Kevin got him to giggle by simply fanning him with a menu. Too cute!!!