Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well I can hardly believe our little guy is 5 months old already. The time has really gone by so fast. One of Cliff and I's favorite things about Aidan right now is to listen to him giggle. He has been giggling since he was about 3 months but lately if you make him really happy, he will giggle for a really long time and it is just adorable. In this particular video, Uncle Kevin got him to giggle by simply fanning him with a menu. Too cute!!!


davisclan said...

That's so great!!! What a sweet laugh. Our kids both laughed when we crinkled paper for them too :)

Ryla said...

I LOVE IT!! How much fun! I am way excited for when Judson giggles more. Thank you for posting this! I just wish I could see you guys!!

Hyla said...


I wouls say I cant wait till Willow gets to that age but since she is our last, I can wait!

Cliff you have a wonderful little family started!