Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Update

Wow. I forgot that I haven't been posting on here in the last week or so. A week and a half ago on Wednesday I woke up with some spotting so Cliff and I called our doc and he had us come in. He told me I was not in labor because I wasn't having contractions and that the spotting was due to moving from half a centimeter to 2 and half centimeter in less than 48 hours. He said this could mean I could have the baby that night or still a few weeks away. I have been taking my pain meds since that previous Monday and they have been helping me sleep. I only take them at night which is sometimes hard during the day but Cliff has been able to help out a lot.

At my 38 appointment he said I was still at 2 and a half centimeters and said he would like to move things along and stripped my membranes. He also said to come back on Friday so that he could do it again. I went back on Friday and still had not made any more process. He told me that the baby is very low and that I am almost fully effaced. He stripped my membranes again and said that he wanted to schedule an induction for Monday or Tuesday. I asked for Wednesday but he said they were full. So I go in on Tuesday morning at 7:30. Due to my hip....I will get my IV first and then an epidural right away. Doc says that he fears the hip pain will be too much for me to handle and I won't be able to push the baby out which could cause a C-section. So he would rather me have the epidural right away to avoid this. So basically that means I won't feel any contractions which is so crazy for me to think about. How easy!!!!!! I am having TONS of contractions which has not been fun and my hip is getting worse especially at night so I am happy for the induction.

On the down side, Ryla has been pretty sick. She has been vomiting and had diarrhea. She is on the mends which is good. We are taking the kids to friends of our tomorrow night so I am hoping that she will be 100 percent by then which looks like she will be. I will keep you posted. Prayers Appreciated!!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ryla's Scrapbook

I have definitely reached the nesting stage of this pregnancy. One thing I was really hoping to get done before Noah was born was Ryla's first year scrapbook. I was scared that some of the stories and memories of her birth and such might get mixed around with Noah's since they are so close together. I worked on it for several hours today and finished it all up with the exception of one journaling page. Pretty good considering she is only 14 months old. I decided not to make it so big as Aidans and I also did not put as many embellishments on it either. I noticed that when people looked at Aidan's they just really wanted to see the pictures. So that is what I tried to focus on this time. It made it much easier. 2 down.....One to go!!!!


Aidan sings the ABC's

Aidan has been reciting his ABC's for several months now but I just now got it on camera. The was taken last weekend.


Monday, January 16, 2012

37 week appointment

So not so wonderful news. About 4 weeks ago I did something to my back hip area. I went to the chiropractor and he said he fixed it but it didn't feel any different to me. So I went to my chiropractor Friday (he was out for surgery 4 weeks ago) and he told me that I knocked my pelvis out of place some how and since it went without treatment for so long that the muscle behind the bone has become extremely inflamed. He tried 5 different techniques to try and get it back into place but was unsuccessful due to my pregnancy. I just told him I would come back after the baby was born. However, this weekend it has started getting really bad to the point where I can barely walk sometimes or get up from a sitting position. It is the worst when I am on my back but luckily I never am. But, today at the doctors office they had me, as usual, lay on my back to check Noah's heartbeat. The pain was so bad that I burst into tears. I tried very hard to hold it together but the pain was just too unbearable. The doctor checked my cervix very quickly and had me sit up which brought on even more pain. He told me that my cervix had still not turned and that I was still only dilated a half a centimeter. He then said that he would induce me but that my body was not ready for it yet. This gives me mixed emotions because I really don't want to be induced. By what he said, however, if at my next weeks appointment if I am making progress it sounds like he may want to. He also told me that I need to consider having an epidural so that the hip doesn't cause problems during the labor. This is also something that I did not want to do. So not a great day really. He prescribed some pain meds which we went and got......I would love to take them during the day but they are supposed to make you groggy and that is really not what I need right now. So I can at least take them at night to help me sleep. Anyway......I don't even know what to hope for right now. Of course I hope that some of the lower back hip pain will go away but most of all just some peace trying to get through it all. Will keep you updated on next weeks appointment.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

36 Week Check up

I meant to post this a couple of days ago but have been a little lazy. Cliff and I went for my 36 week check up on Monday. Doctor said Noah is doing great with a strong heart beat. And, contrary to popular opinion of the older members of our congregation, he is measuring right at 36 weeks as well. I am half a centimeter dialated and progressing as I should. Doc said we shouldn't expect him anytime soon which is fine with us. I am really hoping to make it to the month of February. I have my next appointment on Monday but my doctor said I won't be having an exam for this appointment unless I am having lots of contractions. So there probably won't be much to report..


Ryla Walking

Ryla took her first step right at 13 months (which was exactly when Aidan started walking as well). I wouldn't, however, say she has actually been "walking" until the last week or so. Last night I told Cliff that she took 24 steps in a row and I needed to get out the camera. Here are two short videos.....I couldn't decided which one to post so I just put up both. They are pretty much the same. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aidan turns 3!

My little guy turned three on New Year's Eve!! I can't believe Cliff and I have a three year old!! As Aidan turns three he has become a very helpful little boy. He loves to take care of baby Ryla, bake, pick up his toys, and help me vacuum. He is a super talkative little guy and is always asking questions and talking about what he has been doing. One of the routines he enjoys most is his Sunday and Wednesday Bible class times. Sure, the thing he loves most about these times is playing with his friends, but he has come to really enjoy offering to lead prayers at dinner and bed time. We love to hear him pray because it also lets us know what is on his mind and what he values at the old age of 3. He enjoys his Bible stories at bed time as well. Right now the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt is at the top of his list. He also really enjoys time with Luther, our super mellow black lab. The highlight of his week is any chance to be with his friends. He has, in so many ways, left behind toddlerhood and become a joyful little boy.

We celebrated his bday this year by renting out a room and pool time at the YMCA. He LOVED it!!!! He has only experienced splash pads during the summer so this was a new experience for him. It was also really nice to do in the middle of Winter.

My Birthday Boy!!

Waiting and greeting his guests!

Aidan and his friend Adria held hands for game time. It was SOOOO cute!

It's Swim Time!

These pics are from his actual bday!! Opening presents from family!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playing Together!!!

It is hard to watch your children get older....but one part of this process that I have really come to enjoy is watching Ryla and AIdan begin to start playing together. I love the playdates that I have almost every week but it is so nice now for Aidan to have a play buddy. Ryla is OBSESSED with her brother. She follows him around everywhere. If she gets up from her nap first, she will crawl over to his door and start pounding on it to wake him up. Aidan also loves Ryla to pieces. Every once and awhile he will get irritated with her for pulling his hair or taking his toys away, but for the most part her really enjoys her. He loves to wrestle with her. I get really nervous at this because he tends to be a little rough. But, Ryla loves it and has yet to get hurt. I still watch them very carefully and find myself saying a million times a day..."Be careful with her Aidan." Anyway, here are two videos of them playing.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

35 Weeks!

Well I feel like this is the biggest I have been with any of the pregnancies but once again I am measuring right where I am supposed to be and my weight gain is right on track. I do have to say it does seem like I am all baby!!! If it wasn't for my very distinct waddle......It is pretty hard to tell I am preggo from the back. Starting to get pretty uncomfortable. My back is pretty achey and my leg has started giving out on me like it did with Ryla. I asked my doctor about it last week and all he told me was it was due to it being my third pregnancy, my age, and that everything just isn't as tight as it used to be...LOL. And here I thought I was doing good having all three before the age of 30. Anyway....hopefully I will not have to be induced early due to the leg thing like I was with Ryla. I enjoyed being induced with Ryla but I was really hoping to experience going into labor naturally with Noah. My water broke with Aidan and they had to induce me to get contractions going. I was hoping this FINAL time around that I could do some labor at home before going to the hospital but we will see. I have my 36 week check up next Monday which is also when my doc will start my exams. Cliff is going to be able to go to this one which will be nice since he has only been able to make one with this pregnancy. So weird how everything is different with a third. He has been having to stay home with the kids for all the other exams. I will let you know how it goes.


Under the Weather

We have been a little under the weather here at the Mullen house. It started with Ryla a couple of weeks ago and has slowly cycled through the whole family. It hasn't been too bad. Just lots of runny noses, congestion, and headaches but I'm glad that it is coming to an end.