Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aidan turns 3!

My little guy turned three on New Year's Eve!! I can't believe Cliff and I have a three year old!! As Aidan turns three he has become a very helpful little boy. He loves to take care of baby Ryla, bake, pick up his toys, and help me vacuum. He is a super talkative little guy and is always asking questions and talking about what he has been doing. One of the routines he enjoys most is his Sunday and Wednesday Bible class times. Sure, the thing he loves most about these times is playing with his friends, but he has come to really enjoy offering to lead prayers at dinner and bed time. We love to hear him pray because it also lets us know what is on his mind and what he values at the old age of 3. He enjoys his Bible stories at bed time as well. Right now the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt is at the top of his list. He also really enjoys time with Luther, our super mellow black lab. The highlight of his week is any chance to be with his friends. He has, in so many ways, left behind toddlerhood and become a joyful little boy.

We celebrated his bday this year by renting out a room and pool time at the YMCA. He LOVED it!!!! He has only experienced splash pads during the summer so this was a new experience for him. It was also really nice to do in the middle of Winter.

My Birthday Boy!!

Waiting and greeting his guests!

Aidan and his friend Adria held hands for game time. It was SOOOO cute!

It's Swim Time!

These pics are from his actual bday!! Opening presents from family!


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Ryla said...

Wow what a fun party!! He is so big, but Judson will be there in just a month and a half or so!! Wow time files!!