Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ryla's Scrapbook

I have definitely reached the nesting stage of this pregnancy. One thing I was really hoping to get done before Noah was born was Ryla's first year scrapbook. I was scared that some of the stories and memories of her birth and such might get mixed around with Noah's since they are so close together. I worked on it for several hours today and finished it all up with the exception of one journaling page. Pretty good considering she is only 14 months old. I decided not to make it so big as Aidans and I also did not put as many embellishments on it either. I noticed that when people looked at Aidan's they just really wanted to see the pictures. So that is what I tried to focus on this time. It made it much easier. 2 down.....One to go!!!!



Ryla said...

I LOVE it!! And way to go getting it done before Noah comes. This really makes me want to go work on Lawson's book!! You did such a great job!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your pages.. and proud of you for getting them all accomplished! :)