Thursday, January 5, 2012

Playing Together!!!

It is hard to watch your children get older....but one part of this process that I have really come to enjoy is watching Ryla and AIdan begin to start playing together. I love the playdates that I have almost every week but it is so nice now for Aidan to have a play buddy. Ryla is OBSESSED with her brother. She follows him around everywhere. If she gets up from her nap first, she will crawl over to his door and start pounding on it to wake him up. Aidan also loves Ryla to pieces. Every once and awhile he will get irritated with her for pulling his hair or taking his toys away, but for the most part her really enjoys her. He loves to wrestle with her. I get really nervous at this because he tends to be a little rough. But, Ryla loves it and has yet to get hurt. I still watch them very carefully and find myself saying a million times a day..."Be careful with her Aidan." Anyway, here are two videos of them playing.


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Ryla said...

That is so nice of Aidan to help dust to floors using Ryla, they are good at doing chores already!! :) So fun to have them interact more I am sure!!