Monday, January 16, 2012

37 week appointment

So not so wonderful news. About 4 weeks ago I did something to my back hip area. I went to the chiropractor and he said he fixed it but it didn't feel any different to me. So I went to my chiropractor Friday (he was out for surgery 4 weeks ago) and he told me that I knocked my pelvis out of place some how and since it went without treatment for so long that the muscle behind the bone has become extremely inflamed. He tried 5 different techniques to try and get it back into place but was unsuccessful due to my pregnancy. I just told him I would come back after the baby was born. However, this weekend it has started getting really bad to the point where I can barely walk sometimes or get up from a sitting position. It is the worst when I am on my back but luckily I never am. But, today at the doctors office they had me, as usual, lay on my back to check Noah's heartbeat. The pain was so bad that I burst into tears. I tried very hard to hold it together but the pain was just too unbearable. The doctor checked my cervix very quickly and had me sit up which brought on even more pain. He told me that my cervix had still not turned and that I was still only dilated a half a centimeter. He then said that he would induce me but that my body was not ready for it yet. This gives me mixed emotions because I really don't want to be induced. By what he said, however, if at my next weeks appointment if I am making progress it sounds like he may want to. He also told me that I need to consider having an epidural so that the hip doesn't cause problems during the labor. This is also something that I did not want to do. So not a great day really. He prescribed some pain meds which we went and got......I would love to take them during the day but they are supposed to make you groggy and that is really not what I need right now. So I can at least take them at night to help me sleep. Anyway......I don't even know what to hope for right now. Of course I hope that some of the lower back hip pain will go away but most of all just some peace trying to get through it all. Will keep you updated on next weeks appointment.



Hyla said...

This happened to me, I could barely walk at the end of my second pregnancy. I was going to post the google search but thought blogger might flag it as spam, google pregnancy pelvic pain and see if that is what you were describing.

My midwife didnt believe how much pain I was in and she didnt even know there was a condition until i brought her in a print out from what I found.

Good luck, hugs. I know it's painful. I was in tears most of the time and my husband had to constantly be there for me to lean on or pick me up from the couch/bed/floor/whatever

s&sjohnson08 said...

Have you gone to a Physical Therapist? They might be able to help you out with the pelvic/hip pain. This is something that happened to me, obviously I wasn't pregnant, but they helped me out.