Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just For Fun!

So I finally decided to go take advantage of all the rose bushes in my front yard. I believe we 6 or 7 all together and they are gorgeous!!! It is so nice to have fresh flowers in my house whenever I want. Pluse roses are one of my favorite flowers. So FUN!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well Spokane is for sure starting to feel like home. Cliff and I went and got our Washington drivers licenses today and we only had to wait two hours :( We got new telephone numbers, health insurance, and a growing baby who likes to kick a looooot. So this is what it feels like to be an adult. We had a lot of fun watching the Summer Olympics and found out that the 2010 Winter Olympics are only six hours away from us, so we decided to get tickets and make a whole vacation out of it. We were suprised that tickets go on sale this coming October!! We have invited some family so hopefully it will be a really fun trip. Cliff is headed out for his first retreat this weekend with the teen so it is just me and the pup for four days. Hopefully I will hear from one of the parttime jobs I have applied for in the next week or two so I won't be so bored. But I have to admit, I am enjoying cooking more, okay and the sleeping in. Cliff and I finally decided that we have taken a break from exercising long enough. We are walking/running around 12 miles a week and our bodies are def. feeling it. But it is good for us, Gazey, and Aidan. It is really wierd to get on the scale every 3 or 4 days to see that I have gained another half a pound. Well I think that is all for now. I'm off to look at Baby Furniture!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Move

Well, it has taken forever but I have finally found time to make a post. We have been in Spokane for 8 days now and everything has been great. We loaded two weeks ago in Abilene and were pleasently suprised to have so many friends come to help out. We had it done in about an hour and a half. They were great! Thanks guys!! We headed out on Tuesday the 12th. Cliff drove the 26 foot truck and Gazey and I followed in the car. Cliff got me a GPS system so it made the trip very easy. Cliff got jealous of the one he got me and stopped after a couple of hours and got him one to. Our first day was a 12 hour drive for me and 14 for Cliff. We stayed in Colorado. After we got to New Mexico
the trip started to be very pretty.
Our next day was just as long. We
statyed in Montana. After a late start
the next morning we headed for our
third day on the road. We arrived in
Spokane at 4 in the afternoon just in
time to meet to meet the inspector to
walk through the house. It is about
the same size as the one we had in
Abilene but has a basement for storage. An hour later around 15-20 people showed up from the church to help us unload. They had it done in about an hour. When they were done Alex, one of the deacons, pulled out a grill from his truck and started to grill hotdogs. Other people brought snacks and we had our first bar-b-q in our front yard. It was hilarious and totally unexpected. On top of that they filled our house full of groceries, gave us gift cards to the grocery store for our cold items, and gift cards to local fast food places. Sherri, one of the moms of three teens in the youth group, also dropped off a welcome basket full of cleaning supplies, trashbags, and candles. It was awesome. We felt so welcome!!!!! They headed out after a couple of hours and we headed straight for bed. The next morning Cliff and I woke up at 6 a.m. (still on midwest time) to start unpacking and we had a nice little suprise from our teens in our front porch. Cliff and I feel very blessed to have found such a great church family. We are looking foreward to starting our life here and even more excited for the weather!!!!! Mid 70's today and loving it!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

MFT Banquet 2008

Last night was my MFT banquet. It was so much fun and also very sad to have to start saying goodbye to everyone. I feel so blessed to have gone through this program. I have recieved a wonderful education and now have a MFT family that I know will always be there for me. I will miss all of you so much and look foreward to getting updates from everyone.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good By My Love...(Dumb & Dumber)

So this was a weekend of "lasts." I got together with my boys, Kevin and Jonny for the last time. We went to Dallas, caught a Ranger's game, and stayed up til 4:00 in the morning acting like a bunch of idiots. It was awesome. I'll miss those guys. We've made a lot of crazy memories together. There's certainly a part of me that will be sad to be so far away. But I guess we just need to come up with some rediculous reason to meet up with each other.
I also had my last trip down to Ballinger. It was a sad day. I've been down there for about a year and a halk and it's been a great place to be.
The kids are awesome, the church
takes super good care of us, and
I've gotten to learn all sorts of
valuable lessons. They're awesome kids. They deserve good things in the future.

What a Fun Weekend!!!

My weekend started out great with my first baby shower. (Cliff headed off to Dallas with his two best friends which he said he would blog about later.) My best friend from my Marriage and Family Therapy program, Abby, hosted the shower. It started off a little rough with a big storm and the electricity going out in her house. We had to think quickly so I called my good friend Kevin (who was in Dallas with Cliff) and we were able to switch it to his apartment in the dorms. It was pretty funny having a girl baby shower in a guy's dorm but it worked great! Abby started off the festivities by having everyone bring a baby pic of themselves and then we had to guess who it was. I won with a 100%!!!! Hopefully that is a good sign. Next she got out three onezies (don't know how to spell that) and we broke people up into three teams. They had to design the onezies and then I got to pick the winner. Very creative my friend are. The last game was the question game where Abby had Cliff answer a bunch of questions and if I got them right I got a prize. We ended the night with pizza and a baby movie of my choice. Juno, best movie ever!!!! My program pulled together and got Cliff and I a $200 gift card from Target. We are going to use it to buy our stroller and carseat. I had so much fun and felt so blessed to have such great friends.