Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holly would be so proud!

So I know my new blog design doesn't look near as fancy as the one that Holly created for me but I am excited to say that I actually figured out how to do it myself. It is a little simple but I like it and maybe when I have time I will figure out how to do more fancy stuff...but for now....I am very proud of myself!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our fireplace!

This was my Christmas present this year...I have always wanted a prelit tree!!!

The tree skirt my mom made us for a wedding present!

These were the center pieces from our wedding reception. I love having a little tree to look at while I cook and clean in the kitchen.



We had a very fun unique Thanksgiving this year. With our family living 28 hours away, we felt very fortunate to be invited into so many homes. This year, we chose to spend the holiday with our friend Breanna from college. She and her husband live in Portland but have extended family in Spokane. They invited us back in July to spend the holidays with them. They have a fun/unique tradition of dressing everyone up as Indians and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course I was on board because I knew it would make a great scrapbook page for Aidan's first Thanksgiving. We had a great time!! Here are some pics of our day.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Tough Boys!!

We had a regular check up for Aidan today. Of course he was a champ. He weighs 18.4 which puts him in the 10% and is about 29 3/4 in. long which puts him in the 75% percentile. The nurse said his weight is on the lower side because he is so tall. Who knew?! His head is a good size, too, 18 1/4 in. He got an immunization and kept his track record of no tears alive. I think he may have even given the nurse a little smile as she stabbed him in the leg! The big milestone for the week is that he was able to pull himself up to a standing position today. Cliff and I noticed that it has been easier for him to do this where I nanny because there are things around that are lower for him to grab a hold of. He would always stand up if he got a hold of our hands but our furniture was always too tall.... Anyway... Look out world, little Aidan is on the move!

On another note, I got a call from Cliff yesterday saying that he almost got in a wreck on his scooter. Luckily he didn't, but to avoid the wreck, he had to lay his scooter out (which I guess means the scooter and Cliff both slid onto their sides). Luckily again Cliff just has some cuts and bruises but of course I'm a nervous reck. So we are now saving our pennies and will be looking for a descent beater car for him. Let's hope the penny jar fills up fast!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Too much information......

So this might be too much information for some people but I have to share the story because i think it is just too funny. Last night Aidan was sitting on Cliff's lap on the couch. I went to go sit by Cliff to talk to him about something. Aidan reached out his arms like he wanted me to hold him. I kept talking to Cliff and after awhile Aidan started playing with my shirt. I was wearing one of those stretchy tshirt types. I looked down after awhile (Aidan was still sitting up on Cliff's lap) and Aidan had pulled down my shirt and started nursing. It was pretty funny considering he was sitting up on daddy's lap. Since last night he has figured out his new trick and almost every time I have held him since he keep trying to pull my shirt down........LOL


Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 months

Our little guys is 10 months and some change now. We can hardly believe it. It seems like everyday he is doing something new. I have decided that our hard wood floors are pushing him back in some of his milestones. He can scoot really fast because of the slick floor so he really has no desire to start crawling. He also really likes to stand but often slips when he is wearing socks so he ends up scooting. Oh well.... He has 4 teeth coming in. I never knew how much teething could mess up a kids schedule, especially with the time change to. He has gone from two long naps to one short one and has been waking up in the middle of the night needing teething gel. I will be happy for him when this stage passes. Here are some pics from his last two weeks. I especially like the last ones!!! Sometimes I just change him on the floor because it has proven easier that way...

"These commentaries are nothing, give me something harder."

Starting to walk around....somewhat....


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took Aidan to a pumpkin patch at the beginning of October but just recently got the pics from a friend. But we thought we would post them anyways..... It was pretty cold but I think Aidan had fun!