Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Little Helper

Aidan has found a very useful way to contribute to the household chores in the last couple of weeks. He has become our official dishwasher unloading assistant. He pulls the trays out, hands us one thing at a time to be put away, then closes the dishwasher door when we're all done. Who knew a toddler could be so useful.... And he's pretty cute, too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My trip home

So you will be seeing a lot of catch up posts in the near future. I have a lot of them to do. This was our trip home around Easter. We had a lot of fun. We stayed at my parent's house but also got to go spend a day in Nebraska to see friends and spent the weekend in Andover with my brothers. Here are some pics of the week.

Riding the lawn mower with Papa.

Playing in Nana's flower pots.

"Uh-oh, I'm in trouble, Nana caught me."

Daily wagon rides with Papa were one of the highlights of Aidan's day.

Spending time with his bestfriend Judson in Lincoln!
"Hey Judson, Want to play?"

"You don't want to play, the I will just pull your hair until you decide you do."

Family photo at the city wide Easter Egg hunt.

The best grandkid photo I could get....It is getting to be quite a challenge!

Easter egg hunt at my brother's church.

Easter Sunday

Monday, April 19, 2010

And one more makes FOUR!

Cliff and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our second child!!! He/she is due November 14. I had my first doctors appointment a week ago and we got to see the little one and the heartbeat (that puts me at 10 weeks) Everything looks great and the baby is very healthy. Please pray for the rest of the pregnancy in that it goes smoothly and that the baby continues to remain healthy!!

Tanya's Shower

Over the weekend me and three other ladies hosted a baby shower for our good friend Tanya. She was a hostess for my baby shower so it was fun to return the favor! I think it went great and it seemed that Tanya really enjoyed herself. Here are some pics of the shower that was held at our church building.

The guest of honor....Tanya Dupey...Due May 30th.

The delicious food that Katie did. It was so yummy!!! There is also a closer look at one of the three sock boquets I did for part of the decorations.

The food table and clothes line.

Natalie did a great job with the games. Everyone had a great time!!

This was my gift to her....I had my mom make 6 diapers that she can use for burp rags. I also hung them on a clothes line for decoration.

A sign made for baby Alethia by one of the women in our church.

The Hostesses

We did a pregnancy photo of all the women at the end of the shower...It was my way of telling Tanya that I was expecting...

The moms to be...10 weeks, 13 weeks, 34 weeks, and 36 weeks..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So our camera is broken right now which is why there has not been a post in like forever. Hopefully we will get a new one soon. It has just been a really busy life lately....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well we are back from our week long trip to Kansas. We are all three so exhausted and sick.... We had a lot of fun visiting friends and family but are glad to be back at home and settle back into our routine. Pics to come soon.....