Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Noah at 10 months!

Noah turned 10 months on the 30th!  He is a moody little booger.  So apparently Noah has been teething the last couple of months but still does not have any teeth yet.  Aidan did not get teeth until 14 months so it seems that Noah is on that same path.  Unfortunately for him, it has been really painful for him and we don't see any teeth on the surface yet.  On the bright side, however, he started sleeping through the night a week after Thanksgiving!!!!!  This is huge news for us.  Cliff and I decided that if he wasn't sleeping through the night at 10 months we would have to do something different.  Well 10 months came and he was still waking up ever 2 hours!  We did the Ferber method and it worked in one night!!  We had tried this months ago but only with his naps because the "book" said to start with the naps and work into nights.  Well he cried for 3 hours at a time for over a week so we gave up.  So this time we tried at night and it worked in 50 minutes and he has been doing great ever since then.  He now sleeps from 8-5, then nurses, and sleep until 7:30.  It's AWESOME.  First time Cliff and I have slept through the night in 4 years.  So now that we have figured out the teething and are treating that and he is getting some sleep....We are FINALLY getting a happy baby most of the time and not just certain parts of the day.  Poor little guy....If only his parents could have figured all this out sooner! 


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