Monday, October 3, 2011

Potty Training!!

We tried potty training back in May before I started nannying but it was extremely unsuccessful. I knew that I had to start again after we got back from our vacation but was sooooo not looking forward to it. Everyone has always told me to wait until he is ready. So I was hoping that he would finally be ready. With that being said, Aidan was READY for sure. He was potty trained in a day and a half!!!!!!! The first day was rough but by the beginning of the second day it started going great. We used cookies as a reward and had to stop that after the third day because he was getting so many cookies. Now he just gets a cookie for going number 2 in the pot which he successfully did for the first time last night! He is even having dry diapers over nap and overnight with his diaper but we are going to wait to transition him to to his undies for sleeping. We also were successful for the first time in public yesterday at church. We had a pull up on him but he stayed dry and went to the potty twice at church. So I think we are going to try undies for going out as well! Such a relief, I can only hope that my other two will be this easy.


Ryla said...

Yay I am so glad that he got it and that it was so easy!! So exciting to not have to have 3 in diapers!!

The Ferguson Family said...

That is great news! I second Ryla!