Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip Home

I just got back on Saturday from my two week trip home. Cliff stayed in Washington and I took the kids. They did great on the plane rides!!! We spent the first week in Oklahoma at my brother's house. Aidan had such a great time!!! He got to hang out all week and play with his cousins! It was so fun to watch. The second week was spent at my parents house where we got to go to the zoo and I got to see Aidan catch his first fish. The kiddos had a wonderful time with Nana and Papa and it was really hard to say goodbye. Thank goodness for skype! We get to see them again when they come out in February to see the baby!

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Ryla said...

So glad your trip home was so good!! I am sure the two weeks went fast though. I love all the pictures, you kids look like they had a great time catching up with family!