Monday, September 5, 2011

Playing catch up

My blogging has definitely slowed lately. I finished nannying this week so I am back to fulltime stay at home mom which will be nice. Cliff's summer church project is over and so we have finely had time to just relax. We had several families over tonight for labor day and it was so good to catch up with everyone. This week should be pretty slow. We have our big sonogram to see baby Noah on Thursday! Me and the kids also leave to see my family on Saturday. I'm excited to go home but not looking forward to traveling by myself with both kiddos. Cliff is taking a 3 day mini vacation with some college buddies to Vegas while we are gone and I'm so excited that he will have some time to relax after a very busy summer. Here are some random pics of the last few weeks.
Aidan was really sick for about a week and a half. Cliff and I both got it to but thankfully Ryla did not. He spent almost everyday like this.....Cozy in mom and dad's room with his sippy cup and a movie. It was really hard on him. This was actually the first time he has been sick except for the swine flu. He had never even thrown up before this time. Poor little guy. But we are all better now!Thankful for the baby gate!!
Girls Party I had at my house!! We had a lot of fun. Thank you to all the daddy's who watched all the kiddos!!
This is how Cliff and I find Ryla every morning. She loves to stand up and yell for us until we come in to get here. She always has the biggest smile and starts to giggle when she sees us. She usually can get herself unswaddled (yes she still sleeps swaddled) but can't undo it all the way so it ends up being looped around her neck which is really funny. (and also can be scary).
Here's another one when she was able to get completely unswaddled. She is so cute!
We always strap her in at her changing table but now she just flips around and tries to get off. Can't take your eyes off of her for a second!
My Miche purse party......It was a lot of fun and a lot of people walked away with pretty purses!
Little guy is obsessed with his bike! He rides it everyday and can do it himself now to which is very fun for me and daddy....
Ryla is in LOVE with her daddy. Whenever he comes in a room she starts giggiling like crazy. As soon as he picks her up she instantly melts into his arms and refuses to be put down. It is so precious! Aidan did this to but now as much as Ryla. It was really hard for me with Aidan when he went through this stage because he would scream whenever I would try to hold him when dad was around ( he is obviously out of this stage now). But Ryla still loves to see me to. When I take her from dad she does just fine and smiles cheek to cheek.
I love watching these two together!! So far, since Ryla was born, Aidan has not shown any signs of jealousy with her. He loves to play with her and loves to be the big brother in charge of her if I am cooking or in the shower. He will sing to her, read her books, or simply follow her around wherever she goes. Ryla also adores Aidan. He seems to be able to make her giggle the most. It is really a joy to watch. Aidan is also becoming very protective. When we were at Jack and Holly's house this week (where I nannied) Jack accidently hit her with a nurf ball. Aidan proceeded to scold Jack for hurting her (even though she didn't even notice) and went over to her and rubbed her head where she was hit, hugged her, and gave her a kiss.
We haven't had a family photo in so long so I put the camera on timer the other day to grab a quick shot!

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Ryla said...

You guys have been so busy, and I am glad you get to slow down a bit. I hope that your trip home goes well!! So happy that Ryla never got sick, but so sad that the rest of you did, that just really stinks! I love all the pictures!! I miss you guys!!