Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Bluff!

Last weekend we traveled to Green Bluff to pick out pumpkins. We had a lot of fun. We did a hay ride which was so much fun, especially for Ryla!! She thought it was so fun to go over all the bumps. Aidan also got to have a pony ride which he loved. We let Aidan pick out his own pumpkin and he chose a pretty small one. When we got home I took him out to the porch to show him where to put his pumpkin but he didn't like this idea at all. He was scared that someone would take it. So he brought it inside and said he wanted to put it on the fireplace mantel where I had some fall decorations set up. Every once and awhile he will ask me to get it down so that he can hold it. I hope he likes pumpkin carving. We will see.... I tried very hard to get a cute pic of the kids together with the pumpkins but Aidan just was not having it.....I posted some for you to see anyway.

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Ryla said...

Looks like it was great weather and a fun family day!!