Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bath Time!!

I think watching Xander get a bath is so precious and I say watch him get a bath because that is typically son/daddy time. For the first month we were giving him sponge baths but now that we can actually put him in the tub, he is just so darn cute. Here are some pics of one of his lasts baths along with a video. He usually does not make a sound during bath time but we caught him on a bad day. LOL Enjoy!!



Erin Howell said...

aww isn't he precious!! He has such a funny cry. I can't wait to meet him!

Erin Howell said...

p.s. did you see "my" new cute little one? :) I just can't imagine what it feels like to have a little baby, caz' I am beaming for extreme joy over my little nephew. :)

Holly Packer said...

too cute!! I so cannot wait to meet and hold that little guy!!

davisclan said...

Leah says, "That's funny. Baby Xander sure is cute!"
I want to hold Xander...sorry i'm missing this time. I'd love to watch him grow up and watch you be a mommy.