Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aidan's first T Ball practice!!

Aidan had his first sports practice yesterday.  We decided to put him in T Ball since he loves to play catch and bat in our backyard.  Cliff was very excited.  He signed up to coach and was thrilled when they told him that he could.  He did such a wonderful job to.  I was a little scared for him at first because he had ten 3 and 4 year olds on his own but a couple of the dads pitched in to help which made it easier for him.  He started with an exercise so the kids could learn everyones names.  Then he started with teaching them the bases.  The final half hour everyone got to "bat."  Me and the younger two came along with a picnic supper and had a blast watching!  They have one more practice and then their first game a week from Saturday!


Noah on the edge of his seat in anticipation!!!

Learning everyone's names.

Couldn't get a great shot since he is a lefty!

All the parents and their cameras...LOL

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