Monday, March 4, 2013


Lately....Cliff and I have just been emotionally and physically drained!!  We spent close to 3 weeks stressed out with Ryla's medical issues.  To help us de-stress, we took a week off from our weekly scheduled outings and just decided to enjoy spending time as a family.  This was a WONDERFUL idea.  
Anyone that knows me well knows that my kids are allowed one hour of television a day and the occasional "Good Luck Charlie" before bed if they have had good behaviors.  We threw that rule out the window this week and watched quite a bit of TV.  Noah has even enjoyed TV now.  He really likes Good Luck Charlie :-)

The kids loved hanging out with each other.  If feel blessed that they get along so well!  Sometimes an hour will go by when all three have played with each other without needing Cliff or I once!

And we of course read LOTS of books!!  

Puzzles were a MUST!

Donuts were a second MUST!

Noah eats at least 2 bananas a day.  It would be more if we would let him.  He found this play banana the other day and it has become his "teddy bear."  He carries it everywhere and is obsessed with it!

I taught Ryla how to switch over the laundry.  She cleans out the lent trap then presses the buttons herself.  Occupies her for about 20 minutes and she loves it!

We took advantage of our amazing Austin weather!  Have gone to the park everyday!!


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