Sunday, May 18, 2014

Preschool Program and festivities

Aidan and Ryla have officially ended another year of preschool.  They had their spring program and end of the year parties.  Here is a pic of them looking very stylish for their program

Aidan received the "Best Ninja with a big heart award" on his last day!  His teachers know him very well!!!

Rylas class had a ton of yummy food and got to try on mustaches and put them on pics of their teachers to.

At the program Aidan was a duck!  Neither he nor Ryla were very attentive on stage this year which made it very amusing to watch.

Aidan's class doing their funny faces.

Ryla was an adorable little bunny!

A pic of Aidan with his best friend Kason.  They look like little men!


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