Monday, September 14, 2009

Cradle Roll

We started our new quarter for classes on Sunday monring. Over the summer Aidan was going to the toddler class because there was no cradle roll class. Apparently, last fall, there were no babies in the church. Over the past year, however, we had 5 babies born (a lot for a church our size, 250). Anyway, I eagerly volunteered to teach the class. I think it went well. My good friend Katie is helping me. We are doing the creation right now. We only had 3 on Sunday, but I think all 5 should be there next week
Aidan was a little stinker. The two other babies listened to all the songs but he decided that the empty seat next to him was way more fascinating and so attempted to get himself out of his seat and into that one the entire time. It was pretty cute. Here are some pics!!!



Ryla said...

Way to go!! I am sure that the class will be fun most days but could be pretty crazy too. 5 babies, wow!!

Beth Sears said...

You go you little minister's wife! So proud of you! Next time you are here I will have to give you some stuff that we use in our cradle roll if that would be a help to you. But I am sure you are doing just great on your own. :) Anyways, Aidan is probably one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen. Much love, Beth