Sunday, May 2, 2010

Running Man

So Aidan was in an especially excited mood last night. He spent about 15 minutes running laps around the house with his two cell phones. He was having so much fun that we just had to catch it on video. The best part was that while he was running he dropped his phones, and we heard a very distinct, "Oh, no!" He can say several other things as well. Mama and dada are pretty regular occurrences. He can also greet Luther by saying, "Hi Lu." He's said okay and thank you a couple of times. Hope you enjoy the video of our little entertainer.


Beth said...

Adorable! The best part is his laugh and your snickering. Love it!

Ryla said...

That is so much fun!! Love that he said "oh no", it was so clear! I wish we lived closer so that the boys could play more!