Friday, February 11, 2011

Berenstain Bears

Aidan and I went out a few days back on a little mother/son date. I took him to Barnes and Noble where he got to roam around the kids section. I wanted to get him a few new books to add to his collection at home. One of the first books I saw was a collection of the old Berenstain bear books that I LOVED when I was a kid. I read these so many times I practically had them memorized. When my mom cleaned out the storage room several years back she asked me if there was anything I wanted and I immediately said that I wanted my Berenstain Bear book collection for my kiddos. As I was looking at the books I noticed that there have been several new books written in the last few years. They focus more on direct Christian principles like saying your prayers, what it means to serve others, living by the Golden rule....etc. There were also some written about new problems that kids and parents face today. I thought it was quite interesting to see what the authors were writing for the problems our kids have today versus when I was a kids. For example, my old books were about using your manners, keeping your room clean, stage fright, and things like that. Now they have Berenstain bear books about not using the internet too much or inappropriately, cell phone usage, and keeping going out to eat to a minimun. So different. Not that our kiddos couldn't use a lesson on what the earlier books taught but I just found it sad what the new topics were about. Anyway, I bought Aidan a new Berenstain Bear book a long with a book on tractors. He loved them.

One of the newer books written by the son of the original authors.

My collection of the Berenstain Bear Books

Thought it was interesting to see how the prices have changed.

My mom always wrote my name and the year in my books.....So I thought I would do the same for my kids.

Ryla getting her nighttime bed story.

Aidan loves being read to but also loves to look at books on his own.


Armymom said...

I kept all my boys BB books!! so glad I did... they are JUST like your 'old' ones.. :) I wish I had dated them... did write names though... I was in a bookclub that sent them automatically. :) Oh wait.. you ARE the same age as my oldest! LOL

The Nill Family said...

Too cool! We also like the BB books! It is crazy how times have changed with prices and topics. Also, a great idea to date them. I stamp them and put their name on them. Maybe I can remember some of them. Thanks for the post Laura Beth. Love, Love, LOVE books! Happy reading!!

Ryla said...

What a good Mama to take your son out for a date!! And what a fun idea for a date!! Makes me want to get out all my old BB books too. They are somewhere in the basement with all my teaching stuff.