Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ummmm...Hello Aidan?????

Remember those days when you have a baby who screams for five hours straight.....Then your husband comes home and very kindly tells you to go take a hot bath......You fill the tub, begin to soak.......then you see the door knob slowly turn, your two year old walk in, gets excited because he sees water, takes off his own clothes, his own diaper, then climbs into the bath with you. Of course this is followed with a panic attack with you trying hard to recall your Human Growth and Development class to remember if this is age appropriate or not.....Ya.....That's what I call relaxing.


Holly Packer said...

Ha this post made me laugh! I have wondered about the age appropriateness thing too so let me know when you remember that :) hope you get a little time to relax soon!

The Ferguson Family said...

Love it!!!