Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bare Butts!

So I posted a week ago that Ryla has been potty training.  This isn't really true.  This may sound odd but Ryla is wanting to potty train but I do not want to potty train her yet.  I know you probably think I'm crazy.  My main reason is because she has to have another colonoscopy in July and I just think it would be easier after that "wonderful" ordeal and also because we have been house hunting and I heard that moving back tracks potty training.  However, Ryla does NOT feel that way.  She is starting to refuse to even wear a diaper and since I haven't bought underwear for her yet, she just is running naked.  She has even gotten to the point where she will take off her diaper, go get a new one, lay down, flip her little legs in the air, put the diaper on and tape it herself.  It is actually a very funny sight!!  I think I might have to break down and fully potty train her and just deal with the colonoscopy and possible move.  Ryla's style, as of lately, is a bare booty with heals.  I think it works for her!!



Ryla said...

This picture is to funny! I hope that potty training has gone well! And good thing you live where it is warm!!

Anonymous said...

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