Friday, July 19, 2013

The Latest!

We are pretty settled into our new home.  I will post pictures eventually.  All the boxes are unpacked and only have one room left to paint and decorate (ish) The kids are feeling more settled as well.  You can tell that they already feel like this is their home!  Here are some random pics of our last couple of crazy weeks.

Noah taking a break at the water park!  He was a shark that day!

We got another hand me down ride on toy!  The kids are of course obsessed with it.  We haven't set up the trampoline of playset yet so they have lots of room to drive around in our new backyard.  They all have their own now all given to us from our amazing church family!

Ryla has become obsessed with some winter boots she got from her friend Molly!  She wears them everyday even when it is 104 degrees outside.  She even wears them to church with her dresses on Sunday morning.  

Noah has enjoyed not getting shoved off his riding toy since it is only his now.  It is too slow for Aidan so he "officially" let Noah have it for himself.

Pic of us outside.  If we are outside....Noah is happy, happy, happy!

Movie in 3D?  Nope...  Just little Ryla being herself.

Mud, Mud, Mud!  Only one of my three that likes it.  Aidan freaks out if he gets a little dirt on him and makes me wash him off right away.

Last but not least, Ryla insists on peeing outside like a boy.  We have tried to explain the difference so many times but she sees Aidan do it so much that she doesn't understand.  I HAVE tried to stop her on several occasions but I typically turn my back for a second and then find her like this.  Hard not to laugh but do need to make her stop before she does it in public!

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Ryla said...

At least you have a fence for when Ryla decides to pee in the back yard! :0