Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First High School Football game

We went to a friend's high school football game last week.  We didn't know how the kids would do.  We figured they wold just be climbing the bleachers the whole time but we were pleasantly surprised.  Aidan really enjoyed watching the game and Ryla LOVED the cheerleaders.  Our good friend Amy entertained the younger two the second half with her sonic drink.  They seriously stayed at her feet drinking from her straw for about 30 minutes.  We also have been trying to introduce football, in general, to our household.  Its going well.  Aidan will run and put his Longhorn jersey on and watches for about 20 minutes before he pretends to crash into people for the rest of the game.  Ryla is now begging for a cheerleading outfit which will be a great bday gift in a couple of weeks.  I figure now that we live in Texas we might as well embrace it!!!!


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