Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

This years Halloween was chaotic but so much fun.  In the morning I packed Noah up and headed to Ryla and Aidan's preschool parade.  They let him trail Ryla's class for the trick or treating part and he stayed back with Dad's for Aidan's class and helped hand out candy.  He enjoyed the ladder much more.

We went to our neighborhood assisted living community first before heading out into the neighborhood.

Then we headed to our neighbor's house where our small group was meeting to set up our trunk or treat and collect for our canned food drive.  Cliff and I decided to do hot chocolate and hand out packets of coffee to the parents.

About a week after we moved into our house everyone kept asking us if we had heard about Halloween in our neighborhood.  Now I know why!!  It was crazy!!!  About half the homes went full out on their decor and the streets were SOOOO packed.


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