Thursday, February 27, 2014


I was so excited for the Olympics!  I think its such an awesome event and this was really the first time that I could introduce my kiddos to it.  Aidan watched gymnastics with me last time but he was still really young.  The kids got super into it.  They always wanted me to tell them when team USA was up.  They would chant "GO USA" over and over.  Aidan liked any event where he could watch people "Crash."  He also really liked China.  His favorite color is red and his friend Gabriella just got back from there and told him about it her trip.  He has been "practicing" his Olympics a lot.  This basically means he just runs as much as he can :-)  He also informs me quite often that he is going to marry Gracie Gold when he grows up!
I decided to do an Olympic craft with them.  It took about three days but they had so much fun with it.  We spent one day painting the plates in the different colors.  Then, on the next day, we put glitter over them.  Finally, we put it all together and mounted it.  Noah's part was finger painting one plate.  He did this for about 15 seconds then was just interested in painting himself.
Like usual, I posted the final result on social media.  A newscaster from KXAN here in Austin contacted me and asked for information on the project.  She then asked if she could get it on the news and I of course said yes!  I provided the clip!   GO TEAM USA!

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