Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pinterest Homeschool Activities

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to keep Noah and Ryla at home for preschool this year.  I found a curriculum I really like online and just needed to come up with some good fine motor activites to go along with it.  I have come up with several and have bought and made things for three of them.  I tried them out on the kiddos the other night and they were a big hit.  All three enjoyed the pom poms the most.  I gave them tweezer or chopsticks to move the pom poms into the tray.  Later I will put numbers at the bottom of them to help with number recognition and order.

This one was fun to make.  Went to Walmart and got paint swatches.  Two of each.  Cut one up and clued it to clothespins.  Helps with matching the colors and coordination.

This was their least favorite but they still liked it.  Later I want to use it to teach them about patterns.

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