Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Homeschooling Schedule

My life has turned a 180 this year and I love it!!  With homeschool twice a week and working from home I have had my hands full but it has been amazing!  Here is a glimpse into our schedule during the week.  

Aidan goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  That leaves me with the two munchkins.  I typically do a play date on Mondays for them in the morning.  If we can, we also go to the park or at least spend the time in our backyard.  12:30 is nap time and I work during this time.  I make 12 of my 32 meals.  I get done just in time to go get Aidan from school.  Cliff goes to the gym on Monday evenings after dinner and I do one more meal and then take some time for myself.

Tuesdays is our first homeschooling day.  We enrolled Noah in pre school but just on Tuesdays.  It was too difficult to get everything done with Aidan and Ryla and he was acting up since he wasn't getting good attention.  Cliff takes him to school, since its at the church, and my good friend Stacy, who works at the school, brings him home.

This is what our Tuesdays and Thursdays look like on a homeschool day.  I do preschool curriculum with Ryla on Tuesdays and she participates in geography, memory work, history, and science with Aidan.  All of these subject are done with poems and songs so she is learning right along with him!

Aidan and I do spelling and reading in the afternoons while the younger two sleep.  This is good because he requires all my attention during that time.  One of the benefits of being home is that we get to work around Aidans schedule.  Aidan has always been my sleeper.  Even at five years old, he still sometimes naps.  In the picture below we were doing our reading and he asked if he could rest for a minute.  I thought he was trying to get out of doing school but he laid down and fell asleep immediately.  He woke up 30 minutes later and whipped out his reading in half the time as usual.

Right now Friday morning is also a homeshooling day but he usually just has math and sometimes reading.  I work on Fridays so Cliff tackles the school on that day.  I love that Cliff wants to do this and that Aidan gets to experience this time with both of us.  

My dad was here about a week ago and got to help out to.

Here is a fun moment I captured where he was doing his history in between his ninja moves.  

This video was taken several weeks ago on the day that we were to start having Aidan read words for the first time.  So excited that I was able to capture it.  Now, he is already reading in sentences!

Here is one of the poems that was assigned to Aidan as part of him memory work.  Ryla knows it to :-)

Overall, I am loving the time spent at home with them.  There are some ups and downs but we are taking it one day at a time.  My favorite part of the schedule is that we can still have our family Friday together.  I get to choose when I work so I have already reserved two Fridays in October for Pumpkin Farms!!!


Ryla said...

What a great schedule! Glad it is working so well for your family. Ryla is going to know it all by the time she gets to K ;)
sounds like a great compromise between school and homeschool!!

Bethany said...

I am so excited that you are home schooling the kids. Obviously we are big fans of the idea since we have been doing it for 9 years now. Loved getting to see this glimpse into your life.