Saturday, November 21, 2015

October Fest

October begins for us a full on onslaught of celebration and excitement. Halloween is the kickoff to our season, and the kids approach this event with excitement and fervor. Our opening event is the great pumpkin selection. Let's be honest. This really looks mostly like our children running wildly in circle and picking up as many pumpkins as they can while we try to find three moderately sized pumpkins and get out.

The work of picking out pumpkins is rather demanding, so we needed to make sure the munchkins were well fed. Why not fill up on donuts?!

This year we added a new event to our season opening festivities. Each of the munchkins decorated their bedrooms doors as a monster of their liking.

And the final pre-season event of October is the night before Halloween pumpkin carving. Maybe this time next year we'll let Aidan wield his own blade and carve up his own pumpkin.


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