Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 Months Old...Who Saw That One Coming!

So I guess 3 months isn't really very long in the grand scheme of things, but it seems like a big deal. Our little dude has gotten so much bigger! He does some pretty funny things, too. He loves to chew on his fist. He's also making some new noises. He actually yelled for the first time this morning; it was pretty funny. Here's a few pictures and a video to show how huge he's become!



Ryla said...

He is getting so big and I am getting to excited to meet him and see you. I hope that you have a great time with family and I hope that your flight went well.

davisclan said...

He's so handsome! He gets more handsome every time I see a new post. Wish I could meet him and see you guys!

Holly Packer said...

Cute Cute!! Hey send me new pics if you want me to update your blog :D Love ya and miss ya...and hope your having fun with your family!!