Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Easy Life

We spent the past few days living the easy life out on my mom and dads farm. It's in Cuba, MO. If you don't ever get a chance to visit Cuba you won't be missing much. We did have a good time getting Xander in touch with my grandparents. I'm pretty sure when he's older he's going to enjoy hanging out at the farm with his grandma and grandpa. By that time they'll be even older and less able to keep up with him! We were happy to introduce Xander to both of his great-grandmothers on my side. He was also forced to meet his great aunt Becky- he wasn't excited about that! Next week he'll be heading to Kansas to see Laura Beth's side of the family, which should be exciting.



Ryla said...

What a fun family visit!! I am glad things are going so well.

Auntie B said...

Hey! I saw that "he was not excited" comment-it just so happens that deep breathing and wailing are excellent pulmonary exercises!