Saturday, May 2, 2009

4 Months and Counting

It's hard to believe, I know, but Xander is now 4 months old and I think he's getting cooler by the day! Aside from getting kicked out of his first class at church he's achieved some other significant feats in the last week. It was starting to become clear that he was always hungry so we decided to give him some cereal. We had a friend over at the house when we fed him and she told us how it took her kids a while to get used to the idea of swallowing something solid. We expected Xander to spit the stuff out a few times, but we failed to consider that he's my kid. AFter the first spoonful hit his mouth he sat there for a few seconds then took a big gulp. It was all down hill from there. 10 minutes and nearly a 1/4 cup later he decided he was full. As I watched him eat I realized that he will eventually be a teenager. I know how much I ate when I was a teenager and I'm not sure we will be able to keep pace with his growing stomach!

He's also learning that those things at the end of his arms work really well for holding onto things. He will occasionally hold a toy, but he prefers to grab hair or skin, and no matter how often we cut his finger nails he still has enough left to make sure you feel the pinch! He's got to go to the doctor on Wednesday for his 4 month appointment. His stats were average last time, but we'll see if he's packed enough baby fat into those cheeks to bump him up the scale.



Erin Howell said...

He is stinking adorable! I love seeing pictures of him laughing!

Ryla said...

The video is so great and I love the picture of him "reading" the book.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice little technique Cliff is using! Lol My dad still tells us how we loved that! Ha I guess every baby likes it! :) I especially like the one where he is reading the book! He is getting soo big!


Auntie B said...

I am crazy in love w/this little fella! You are right about his ...uh...distinctive communication comes out of nowhere! I choose to believe it's a sign of confidence! Hehe-that's easy to call a good thing from this far away!
All 3 of you are beautiful ppl-love you tons!
Thanks so much for sharing that joy.