Tuesday, May 5, 2009

House #2

Thought some people might want an update on our housing situation. The house that we put an offer on a couple of weeks ago is a no go. After the inspection we found out it needed a new roof and some framing to the roof as well. This was going to be around a $12,000 project. We asked the owner to take care of it. He got a bid and said that he would do the roofing but not the framing and then also said we would have to add 7 thousand more on to our offer. So needless to say, we said no thanks, especiall since the main problem with the framing would still be an issue. The good news, however, is that the house we originally liked even more but was a little more than the other one, dropped in price significantly as we were trying to figure out the whole roofing situation. So, we went and looked at it again last night and this morning and decided to put an offer on it. It is a short sale so we might not here for awhile and since it dropped in price we may be looking at other bidders to so we will see. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Here are some pics. It is pretty much move in ready with the exception that I want to paint all the rooms.



Rebekah said...

it is so cute!!! keep me updated I hope you all get it

davisclan said...

What a great house! I LOVE the back yard! Hope it all works out, and i'm so glad you didn't get stuck with roofing problems!

Ryla said...

I love it!! And it looks like it has such a great back yard!! I will be praying for you guys during this process!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Taylor! You could have the same luck we did with the house you want! Our house was too much and then the price dropped a lot and we put an offer and they accepted it! Plus you would be close to me! I love babysitting! Lol! I have been praying for you guys to get a house soon! Well talk to you soon! Love you all!
~Taylor R