Saturday, July 18, 2009

All by my Lonesome

Cliff headed off this morning for P.U.M.P (Portland Urban Ministry Project). He will be gone through Friday night. He then will leave again the following Wednesday through Friday to go camping with the teens and then to leave again on Sunday for a week to go to church camp. Needless to say the next couple of weeks will be very lonely for me and Aidan. Luckily I will be going home the 4th, so that is something to look forward to.
I always hate it when Cliff is gone. Aidan and I miss him so much!!! He is also such a help to me around the house and giving me some Mommy free time. Hopefully these next 2 weeks will go by quickly. Say a quick prayer for us.....I'm a little scared being in this new house all alone and I tend to break down a little when he is gone....LOL
On a bright note, however, I have lots of pictures saved on my computer that I have not been able to post do to our move and am not working this week, so expect many posts in the next week or so.


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Ryla said...

I will pray for you for sure!! I know it will be hard to not have Cliff around, but you will do great!! I am looking forward to all the posts to come!!