Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Toy for the Summer

We got this for Aidan about a month ago at Target and I think it has been his favorite toy of the Summer. Cliff and I like it because we can steer him while he practices his peddling and steering as well. He also loves ringing the little bell. Since we live just 6 blocks from church we often will get up a little early and walk and have been taking him in this instead of his stroller. Next summer I think he will be big enough to take out the adult steerer and he can use it as a regular tricycle. So with all that being said, I would highly recommend getting this for your kiddo if they are around Aidan's age. It also comes in girl colors.

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Ryla said...

So fun, one of our neighbors just gave us one of these. It does not have the great adult handle though, that would be so great. Judson is not tall enough to reach both peddles yet. That is so great that you can just push/help him on your walks to church though, how great!