Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mothers of the Bible

This quarter at church I am teaching a Bible class for mothers called "Mothers of the Bible." It is something that has been on my heart for a long time now and finally proposed the idea to the eldership in early summer. We are following the book below where we look at 12 different mothers over a 12 week period. The book does this by taking us thru a short devotional thought Monday thru Friday while also reading the stories from the scripture. For class time I use the first part of class to review our readings from the week and the last part to discuss our lives as Christian mothers and what these mothers of the Bible can help teach us as followers of Christ. My first class was this past Sunday morning. It looks like I will have around 18 women in the class. On Sunday we went around the room and each said a little bit about ourselves but I asked them to each share with the group what they felt their greatest blessing and trial currently was as a mother. I was very impressed with how much the women chose to open up and share. Emotions were very high and by the end of class everyone was crying. I think this just proves how much mothers need to get together to share their current joys and trials and have someone understand what they are going through. Please pray for me as I lead this class for the next 12 weeks and that these ladies are able to get out of the class what they need. This week we are covering Eve.


H said...

love this idea! what a blessing this will be for the moms!!

Laura Beth and Cliff said...

this is your husband hi-jacking your account to tell you that i've heard lots of good things about your class around the office. nice work, love.