Monday, October 25, 2010

36/37 Week Check Up

So what is one of the worst things a pregnant woman of 37 weeks can be told at her appointment. "We are changing your due date to one week later." I am 50% effaced but am not dialated at all. So my doctor says he thinks he got the due date wrong. What is frustrating to me is that I have been telling him this all along but he always disagreed with me. I would double check with all the time and say "are you sure it isn't the 21st.?" I would ask a lot because my parents were trying to figure out when to fly in from Kansas. Right now they are scheduled to arrive on Saturday the 13th which my doctor originally told us they would for sure get to meet her because he would schedule an induction on the 15th. Of course the most important thing is that she is healthy and she is. If she is due the 21st and comes when Aidan did, she would still be born before they were here. So anyway I am anxious to see how it all unravels.

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The Nill Family said...

Doctors. What do they know? I am sorry Laura Beth, that is totally a bummer. I knew exactly my date and they didn't agree with me either, but we went with it...and well...just saying. Doctors, ugh!(J/K I loved my doctor and they make mistakes, lol) Maybe your actual 40 wks is your old 38wks. You never know, they come when they want!=) Well, I hope and pray all goes well and can't wait to see pictures of sweet little Ryla!!! YAY!!!