Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am now 36 weeks along which puts me one week until I am considered full term. I have been having A LOT of contractions this week. All practice contractions I'm sure but it still makes me nervous. With Aidan coming at 38 weeks we are guessing Ryla will come about the same time but we will see. To finish off the "nesting" mode in pre mommy hood, I believe I have finished my checklist. It makes me feel good to finally have it done. Now all we need is to meet our precious little one.

Finish up nursery
Get Aidan's big boy room done and transfer him into his big boy bed
Baby clothes washed and arranged in closet according to size
Set up pack n play, install spare car seat and high chair at Aidan's sitter for when we are at hospital
Pack Aidan's overnight bag
Pack hospital bag
Install car seat
Set up baby swing
Set up basinet in our room
Finish basement
Get new camera
Arrange for Luther to be taken care of
Buy ridiculous looking hair doodles
Thank you cards up to date
Buy 2 weeks worth of new born diapers

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Ryla said...

You are so cute!! I am glad you got things done though, it will help you to be more relaxed!! I know everything will be great and am getting so excited to hear that she is here!!