Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vertebral Subluxation

My poor hubby is very uncomfortable right now. He started complaining that his neck hurt over the weekend when he loaded up the old cabinets to take them to the dump. By Sunday evening he couldn't even move his neck. We got him in to the chiropractor Monday morning. The doctor took one look at him and ordered some x-rays. The x-rays showed that his vertebrae have started to attach to his spinal chord in his neck, something called vertebral subluxation degeneration. One of his vertebrae was 2000% out of alignment and his spine was pretty crooked. The doc was shocked that he hadn't noticed something earlier. Cliff said that he has always had problems with back and neck pain but has been too stubborn to get it looked at. He asked him a lot of questions and told Cliff that it started around 10-12 years ago by some traumatic accident. The only thing Cliff can think of is a ski accident in high school. Unfortunately...it is in the very late stages. With that being said.....he has to go in three times a week for a minimum of 3 months and then they will do another round of x-rays to see where we are at. The doc said he probably won't start to feel better for another 3 weeks. He went to work today but had to come home after a few hours due to the pain. He is laid up in bed right now trying to still work using his lab top. Poor Guy!!!! Please keep him in your prayers and also pray that we can find the funds to pay for these adjustments as our insurance does not cover any of it.


The Ferguson Family said...

I am so sorry Laura! We are praying for Cliff and your family!

Ryla said...

Yes I am so sorry too!! And I know that the adjustments can add up for sure, we are out of pocket when it comes to the chiro too. We will be praying for all of you!